– Anonymous Search Engine Portal.

Looking for a search engine that does not care about your history? анонимный ! Results use Duck Duck Go engine and opens here in full parent Secure Socket Layer (https). You can read their privacy policy at https://duckduckgo.com/privacy . Click the name or the black web application screenshot below to be taken to анонимный and search the web.

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– Anonymous Search Engine Portal.

  1. You know what I like? I like creating things. Projects that actually accomplish something – do something – anything. This one does something without code. It alerts you to a choice.
    Option: 1) Search through the Super large sites where all they do is collect data about your habits to sell you more ads.
    Option: 2) Accept one ad on the homepage of your search engine , but none sinisterly hidden as results without search logging (see Duck Duck Go’s privacy policy).
    I pick option #2.

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