– Password Strength Checker

Test any (fictitious) password and this password strength analyzer found at All.ΙΞ.Com will tell you how quickly just one ( the fastest one) computer could guess your password. Usually it’s far less than a single second. How secure are your passwords? Click the name or the grey web application screenshot below to be taken to All.ΙΞ.Com and try this password failure future probability math project out.

Remember to always use upper & lower case letters in addition to numbers in combination with special characters for added security and hack resistance.

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– Password Strength Checker

  1. This project was really fun. I have used this password strength meter for a few years now and just can not believe how very easy it is to just guess every combination of possible passwords. A quick look on Gxxgle and you will soon learn about ‘Rainbow Tables’ that are shortcuts in code to hold massive lists to try of likely passwords. Here, we just do the math for you – How long would it take a hacker with a massive CPU / GPU to find your password and defeat your only security?

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